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Hello friends I will be going on a hiatus!

Will be working on a free! fashion parody magazine book thing for the next few months. The image above is a wip of the cover page lol. Since I will be illustrating this book by myself for the most part, it’ll be awhile before it gets done (hopefully by the end of this year). Hopefully I don’t lose steam and die or something ahahaha….

Also, I need help thinking up a name for this magazine parody thing (coz Iwatobi illustrated is lame right?) Any ideas guys? If i end up using your title you’ll get a free copy or something. Help?

source | 東京喰種 金木研| airaishi


Nonon Jakuzure of Kill la Kill Outfit Appreciation


roses are yugioh

violets are yugioh

everything is yugioh

duel me


Make up! Kit

A collaborative effort between Hyperlixir and MangoCats, this fan art of Sailor Moon features the transformation items used by the Sailor Scouts.

Prints & shirts available at Redbubble.

Grab your own handcrafted transformation brooch here: it’s the perfect match if you’re buying this as a t-shirt!

Created by Hyperlixir and MangoCats


MitchiriNeko kittehs (~W~<)


attack on titan au where eren’s insatiable bloodlust is replaced by a burning passion for poorly timed puns