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DAY NINE (12/22/2012) - Saddest Anime Scene

(since i did day eight right before midnight, and i have gankutsuou on the brain now, i figured i’d go ahead and do day nine!)

the death of franz d’epinay…

i cried the moment i found out that he was fighting the count instead of albert…i cried even harder when albert finally got to him…as he was dying…i had been able to stop crying for a moment after the episode had ended…only to start crying at the beginning of the next during his funeral…and then i cried when he was mentioned in every episode after his death…especially when albert had dreams that franz was blaming him for his death…

his death was so incredibly sad that i woke up the next morning feeling like i had lost a part of myself….


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    I know the feeling. Franz’ death nearly fucking broke me.
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